Minimum Trading Days

Minimum Trading Days


Before you can trade on a demo FTMO Account, we need to see how you can manage risk. Because of this, we have developed Trading Objectives. There are four basic Trading Objectives you need to know to become an FTMO Trader and to trade up to $200,000 on your demo FTMO Account. The first rule is called Minimum Trading Days.

The Minimum Four Trading Days rule is one of the special Trading Objectives in our Evaluation Process. We have developed this Trading Objective to determine the trader’s ability to manage risk seriously. By passing this Trading Objective, traders prove their trading consistency and the ability to generate profits steadily.

Lastly, we also want to avoid ‘one lucky trade’ situations.

Trading Day

A trading day is defined as ANY day in the CE(S)T timezone during which the trader executes at least one trade. If you were to hold a position over multiple days, it would still be considered as one trading day. This is because you need to have at least one new position opened on each trading day.

You do not have to trade for 4 days consecutively, you just simply have to complete at least 4 Trading Days in total by the end of the trading period. The good news for all our FTMO Traders is that the Minimum 4 trading days Trading Objective is present only during the Evaluation Process – FTMO Challenge and Verification. Once you start trading on the FTMO Account, we want you to trade as comfortably as possible and therefore no minimum trading days rule is required anymore.